Moet Kawasaki


2019/3 桜Exhibition2019 山本冬彦賞 (Yamamoto Fuyuhiko Prize)

神奈川県出身。子供のころからものづくりが好きで大人になってからも毎日制作しています。 最近はiPadでProcreateを使って絵を描くことが増えました。 絵に限らず洋裁や刺繡、木版画、モデリング、アニメーションなど様々なことに挑戦しています。 厚塗りで重厚感があり、光と影のコントラストが美しい作品が好きです。


I am an artist, living in Japan. Challenging various fields, not only painting but also embroidery, pixel art, modeling, animation and stuff like that. Before I start to work, I study indicated theme carefully and deeply. This time, I first of all studied I the structure of cherry blossoms with picture books and read several poems and stories regarding cherry blossoms to get hints and ideas. I believe that such a thorough study gives the art a great depth, no matter the finished work is detailed or simple. I am currently creating my own web-site. I would like to write various articles related to arts, such as the production process, concepts, and art supplies. I will announce when it is completed, so please access.